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Fretview is a tool designed to make it easier for guitar players to find out what scale and key they desire to write in. Have you ever came up with a riff and not know where to go next? Have you ever wondered what chords and other notes would work with the catchy hook that you know will be the next big hit?


  1. Select the notes that belong to the riff that you have wrote. For example, say your riff contains a 7th fret on the A string, a 9th fret on the D string and a 10th fret on the D string.

  2. Your scales list has now been filtered down. Now it only contains scales that contains these 3 notes (E, B, C in this example). Your notes list has also been changed. The notes that you have selected are highlighted.
  3. If you would like to draw a specific scale on the fretboard go ahead and double click that scale.

  4. Once you double click the scale (A Aeolian in this example), the highlighted notes from that scale are highlighted in the notes listbox. Also the scales listbox has become filtered down once again. Again, the highlighted notes belong to all the scales listed. This means A aeolian is either a subset or identical to the other scales listed here.
  5. If you would like to filter the scales list down further you can double click a note in the notes listbox. For example, if I only want to see scales with a root note of A, I would double click the A.

  6. To restart, click clear fretboard and you will be able to start again.